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  • Job Title Marketing Executive


We are looking for a resourceful Marketing and Community Specialist to join our growing team at Interaction Design Foundation in Remote.
Growing your career as a Full Time Marketing and Community Specialist is an incredible opportunity to develop productive skills.
If you are strong in adaptability, critical thinking and have the right initiative for the job, then apply for the position of Marketing and Community Specialist at Interaction Design Foundation today!

Are you a people-person with a passion for design? Do you love helping people learn and become better designers? If this sounds like you, read on to discover a role where you can use your skills and passions to improve lives!

Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) is already the largest online design school with over 110,000 graduates—but we’re just getting started! We’re looking for a Marketing and Community Specialist to help us become the world’s best and most recognized design school so our educational materials reach even more people all around the world.

This role is integral to our identity and our mission to democratize design education because we are not just a learning platform—we’re the largest community for designers and design enthusiasts in the world. As a Marketing and Community Specialist, you will grow this community and help the people in it to discover all the resources they need to grow their careers.

For every person you reach through your work, you will help them discover ways to upskill. Not only will you help improve the lives and careers of the people you reach, but you’ll also empower them to design better products and services for the benefit of humankind at large.

This is a paid, full-time position. You'll be location-independent and will therefore be free to work from wherever you want in the world. You will have regular video-based contact with your colleagues from around the globe and you’ll get to meet them in person on team trips (see below).

So, if you want the chance to do the best work of your life, if you’re hungry to develop yourself professionally and if you’re ready to disrupt the world of education, congratulations – you’ve come to the right place!


You will help us achieve our vision to become the best and most recognized design school on the planet. We’re not just saying that. We mean it very seriously, and we’ve come a long way on that road so far. Ahead of you is a highly rewarding and enriching journey on which you will:

- Help execute the social media strategy for Interaction Design Foundation and its network of publications
- Meaningfully engage and converse with our social media audience each day
- Contribute valuably to discussions and questions in forums and online groups for designers
- Find influential blogs and individuals who could become advocates for our community and our content
- Find products and services related to design that we could partner with
- Manage our online reputation by engaging with people who mention us on social media and review websites
- Work with digital marketing experts in the team on SEO and advertising initiatives including backlinks, keyword insertion, ad creation and ad optimization
- Correspond with our contributors, customers and partners—help them resolve queries and issues as well as find relevant resources
- Find design experts for our Master Class webinars and help with producing these webinars
- Optimize and perfect every element of how we engage with our online audience, from the copy in our social media posts to the tools and processes we use to maintain conversations with our users

Our community is at the heart of what we do, and we put a colossal effort behind serving them as best we can. That’s why we’re looking for a talented and hard-working Marketing and Community Specialist who has an eye for detail and data, an empathic nature to connect with people and a natural drive for execution and perfection.


- You have at least 2 years of experience in social media community management
- You have at least 1 year of experience in digital marketing, specifically working with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics and SEO
- You have extensive experience in writing customer-facing content via social media and email
- You are a convincing and compelling communicator who can advocate effectively
- You are a great conversationalist who is highly socially intelligent and loves to encounter new people and new perspectives
- You have worked in roles where you interact directly with customers and external stakeholders
- You are data-driven and you base your decisions and priorities on provable numbers
- You are fluent in written English with exceptional writing skills, perfect grammar, and an appreciation for the power of tone, brevity and microcopy
- You know what ownership of a task means and how to deliver it
- You are hungry for efficiency and constantly looking for ways to maximize your results arising from the time you spend on a task


You get bonus points if you …
- have experience with working remotely
- have experience writing from a marketing standpoint
- are already a member of the Interaction Design Foundation
- have a passion for, or are proficient in, design


You can learn more about our Work Culture and Values here:

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Company Benefits:
● Excellent benefits
● Opportunities to grow
● Attractive package

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